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we have a duty as physicians, you know, as the general citizenry to demand that this plant be put through the proper drug development processed of the fda and that's all we've ever wanted. >> look, throughout history, right, there have been these constant conflicts between science and politics and there's been times when it just hasn't been easy at all. hopefully i come down on the side of science and facts and data, let people be educated. i hope we get to that point. >> yep. i agree. i think we will. i have hope. i still love the university of arizona. i will always be devoted to them, and i think this was just the decision of a few shortsighted, negligent administrators who don't see the value of this work. >> there's a lot of fear out there still. >> yeah, there really is. >> appreciate you coming on the program. it's a challenging time for you, but hopefully this will help shine some light on it. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> you got it. >>> up next an experimental treatment that doctors say just might be able to reverse the damage from a heart at
media, the public at large, the citizenry in general all have their faults in this and their reason for feeling guilty about this. look and see what the listenership of the president's state of the union message is on tv. and you'll observe one thing, that is it usually timed to fall after and instead of super bowl or something. i'm not going to tell you the super bowl is not important and not good to watch or listen to or not exciting. but i am going to tell you that from the standpoint of the nation's wellbeing, it's not important. and so what we have to do is to get the american people to say, we want you to do something. when you have a town meeting say what are you going to do about compromising this matter into something where the citizenry can accept it? one of the strengths i had as committee chairman was that i always would see to it that i got the left and the right to compromise together on legislation. the end result was we passed enormously difficult legislation after off times and we passed it. we passed it with very large votes. that's still doable. but it requires le
an ambitious approach to these economic conditions facing us. we need to generate more when he growth -- growth that is socially legitimate and inclusive, and sustainable and democratically oriented. for this to grow on the basis of our development by means of structural reform, the citizenry and the economy indicates that now it is the time to undertake such reforms. what are the changes we are proposing -- that are already underway. one of them the structural education focusing on equality, and public education and 2 is the stimulation of economic growth, innovation and competitiveness, and this obviously involves all sorts of challenges facing us in regards to energy. reform, redistributing wealth more equitably, and it must also lead us back to the cup -- path of fiscal responsibility which is essential if the state is to honor its commitments in the medium and long-term. constitution that allows more scope for democracy, participation and i would like to refer briefly to this topic. equityon which fosters and democracy. i will not say anything to win a nobel prize here, but knowledge is es
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)